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I was talking to a friend the other day about how you cannot point out other people’s mistakes anymore. The reaction is inevitably going to be explosive anger on the part of the person who is in the wrong. Case in point: I saw someone cut another driver off, and it was quite obvious that they were in the wrong. The offense elicited a honk from the offended driver. The reaction of the offender was to come to a complete stop, then slowly accelerate again. Keep in mind, this is the person that did the cutting off! The stop and slow acceleration elicited another honk from the offended driver. So a passenger in the offending vehicle decided he would end this by sticking his arm out the window and giving the victim the bird. As I watched this whole thing unfold I thought to myself; “yep, that’s how that usually works out”. And oddly enough, this was about 20 minutes after the conversation that I was having with my friend.

Somewhere along the line it became unacceptable to point out when others are being rude or just plain stupid. The response is to get even more angry, like they’re the one that is the victim. Apparently, in many people’s eyes, it is more upsetting to have someone point out your inconsiderate actions than to be on the receiving end of someone’s inconsiderate actions. The crazier and angrier your reaction to being called out the more you become the victim, or some insane logic along those lines. As much as I can’t stand the “yeah, I’m an idiot” wave, I much prefer it to the irrational anger of the offender.

So basically, unless you want to live your life moving from one confrontation to the next, you’re forced to take the high road time and again. At some point you feel as if you’re just being taken advantage of and serving only as a punching bag for type A personalities. I don’t know what the answer is to this growing problem. I spent time being angry myself, tailgating and cursing anyone that dared to make a move in their automobile that I took personal offense to, but that got me nowhere. It just resulted in feeling bad about myself and even higher blood pressure. There’s just too many people in this world and everyone is far too angry. Something is going to have to give or we are going to devolve into on of those dysfunctional societies that we see in many movies about an unpleasant and chaotic future.