It’s been said that timing is everything. I don’t know if I’d agree that it’s everything, but it sure can have a tremendous impact on our lives. I sometimes feel like I’ve got nothing but bad timing. For example, when I’m walking down a road and see no cars for 5 minutes. I get to a blind corner on this narrow road and just as I’m about to emerge on the other side a car comes racing by out of nowhere, nearly running me over; bad timing. Another example, when I need to make a left into a shopping complex or onto a residential street. No cars are coming for a ways down the street, but a pedestrian is crossing exactly at the same time I need to make my turn. Since I’m not a monster and I know the rules of the road I let the pedestrian cross. By the time they are done crossing there is a line of cars coming a mile long and so I must sit and wait… for what seems like an eternity; bad timing.

I’ve also experienced good timing. Very rarely, when I arrive at my destination, which just happens to have terrible parking and the little that is available is all taken, the car just ahead is pulling out and leaving; good timing. Or there are the few times when walking to an elevator bay I see someone that has been standing there for quite some time, judging by the look on their face. They called the elevator at least a minute ago and it still hasn’t arrived. But as soon as I walk up I hear “ding” and there it is; good timing.

I don’t think I can say whether I’ve had more good timing or bad timing in my life. The bad timing seems to stand out more because it’s so frustrating. And sometimes I don’t even recognize the good timing, it just seems to be part of the normal routine and I pay it no mind. I do feel like I’ve known some people that have nothing but good timing. That may just be because I don’t witness their run ins with bad timing though. For the most part, it doesn’t appear to be something we can control. It is a chaotic detail in the craziness of life. I do know one thing; timing is an important influence in our lives whether we want to admit it or not.