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I watched the Golden Globe Awards last night. Really. All three, agonizing hours of it. I don’t normally watch award shows, but I saw that Ricky Gervais was hosting and I thought it might be funny; I like Ricky Gervais. Boy was I mistaken. It wasn’t funny at all. And the parts that might have been funny were bleeped out so who knows for sure if there was any actual humor to the show. I thought Andy Samberg had the best monologue of the show, but it seemed to fall mostly on ears of people that don’t really understand humor. We see these actors on TV and in the movies and think wow, what wonderful people. But I think maybe they’ve gotten so used to other people writing dialogue for them that they’ve forgotten how to create their own. Unfortunately the Andy Sambergs and Jennifer Lawrences, people that are interesting and clever on their own, are few and far in between.

So that all brings me to my point, is this awards show even necessary? Television and movies already have their own separate awards shows so why do we need another show that combines the two? The answer, based on last night’s bomb, is we don’t. These people get more than enough accolades without adding another meaningless ceremony for them to celebrate themselves. I believe that Ricky Gervais’ point throughout the evening, even though he was trying to be funny, was dead on; This award is meaningless and no one cares!