I am very confused about these new Segways without handles. Their creators call them hoverboards, but I think anyone that saw Back to the Future can agree that they are not hoverboards. If it doesn’t hover, how can you all it a hoverboard? It would seem that the creators of these toys got so excited about creating an actual hoverboard that they could not wait for the technology to catch up. Therefore, they created something that, in their minds, was close enough and went ahead and labeled it a hoverboard knowing well enough that it is not actually a hoverboard. So that’s my first problem; giving something a name that does’t even rightfully describe what the object is or does.

But mainly, what is really bothering me is that fact that these devices a) catch fire and b) cause people to injure themselves. Now maybe it’s just me, but it seems that in the past when a product has these issues it becomes subject to a little something we like to call a recall. These “hoverboards” are being banned in many places such as college campuses and on airplanes, but I have yet to hear anyone mention that they should be recalled. Heck, they even recalled some stretch pants because they were too revealing! No one got hurt or caught fire in them, which would have seemingly been much worse. But these “hoverboards” continue to be available for purchase beyond all reason and logic. It’s a funny world we live in where rules do not apply equally and every situation is handled differently, regardless of the lessons we have learned from our past.